October 16, 2004

The Art of Procrastination

We were supposed to leave today. We were going to clean the van, load it up, and hit the road.

Ha. It ain't happening.

That's okay. It's a lazy day, one that calls for a nap. I fought the urge and made another pot of coffee. I'm doing my half-assed packing thing, the routine goes like this: pull out some gear, put it on the back of the couch, futz around in the kitchen, play with the dogs, get online, pull out more gear, decide to pare down by putting away some clothes or gear previously put on the couch. I tell myself this works because I can decide slowly, and see everything.

For this trip, it's important to pack very minimally. I'm going to be living in a van for three weeks with my friend, Jay (aka Dharma-J). We're driving his studmobile (my words, not his) to Wyoming. Why is this van studly? Because it runs on vegetable oil, dude! Despite it's fuel source, it's a macho army-green. This van gets attention. Everywhere. People gawk at it, and guys get boners. It has a satellite dish so geeks groove on it, too. This van is Jay's home. It has a kitchen, toilet, and a big screen TV. Okay, I'm kidding about the TV. It's got a juicer, though. Don't get me started on the juicer....

Anyway, we're going to Wyoming to take a Wilderness First Responder course. Never been to Wyoming. Our road trip will also take us through states I've longed to visit: Utah, Colorado (I hope!), Idaho. Jay's been kind enough to open his home up to me for the next few weeks as his road trippin' buddy. The Stud Mobile is rad, but for two people, it's gonna be downright cozy.
Like sharin' a shoebox.

Stay tuned. We'll get on the road eventually. From the SMCHQ (that's Stud Mobile Central Headquarters), I'll be beamin' up stories of green juices, coffee withdrawl, gorgeous landscapes, mock rescues, and bivvying hither and yon.

Now back to packing...


Morgan said...

~*~YoUR blOg iS hEllA CoOL, yO!!!!!~*~

Jimbo said...

Word Foo!
Jen you crackhead. Dont you know that if I dont hear from you at least once every two weeks I start to lose it in the big city!? Well after reading your first blog Im actually doing a little better. Its nice to know that Im not a screw-up. That the desire to keep moving around on this planet of ours is ok and not a mental defect or wierd. I hope your trip is rocking and that things are super sweet. Send photos!! Later dumbshit.