April 20, 2006


Crashed out
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I can rest. The house is on the market, as of today. Been working our asses off for weeks to get it ready. Funny, all the work that we hoped to do on the house while living there was done, as to make it someone else's home. Things were painted beige, a color not in my vocabulary. Things were "neutralized" across the board. A stager was hired. I gotta say, it looks amazing. It also looks like Not My House, which makes it easy to begin the detachment process. Soon, I'll no longer be a homeowner.

Two weeks ago I moved to the Lake Merritt part of Oakland. I like it here. It's such a change of pace from the suburbs of Richmond. I found a dog friendly apartment easily, and it happens to be a very cool apartment at that. I like to ignore the fact that my rent is more than my mortgage payment.
I live within easy walking distance to a grocery store. And, hey! One of the best things: restaurant delivery!

The day after I moved to Oakland, I got in my very first car accident. Bummer. I was hit by an unlicensed, uninsured driver on 580. I'm pretty much okay (back sprains and pain) and my car has been fixed. I'm drowning in insurance paperwork. But Hell! Recall how I used to complain about driving in traffic on 80? Be careful what you ask for. Now I dodge other vehicles in the madness that is known as the 580 Freeway.

Luna dog is here living with me, as evidenced by her crashed out sleeping on the couch. Rough life, eh? This is what she does while I work. Fortunately during all the hectic work of moving and selling the house and the car accident, I've been able to work from home. I'm working on a freelance project for Banana Republic. I'm finding artists to be in their in-store art program. Fun stuff.

In other news, it's been raining endlessly. Haven't been out riding my bike in forever. Now it's nice during the week, but is supposed to rain on the weekend. Gotta start training for the Death Ride soon!

I feel exhausted. Like I've been carrying a 50 pound weight strapped to my back for a month, and it was just taken off today. I am bone tired. I desperately want and need a weekend away. But it may not come anytime soon. Even camping would be swell. A break from the routine and some detachment from day to day life would be hugely relaxing now.

Oh man. Keep your fingers crossed the house fetches a good price. If I get some good money out of it, I'm going to go for a REAL extravagant vacation, like Maya Tulum or maybe even Canyon Ranch. You know, some swanky spa vacation like the rich ladies go on. Wouldn't that be nice?

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