July 7, 2006

Life is Good!

Ball Obsessed!
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I sound like one of those cheesy t-shirts they sell at REI. You know the ones.

It's been a l-o-n-g time since I've updated.

The house sold. Quickly. Easily. For a lot more than asking, and seven offers. The media hype about the real estate market's decline is BS.

The divorce is final. Legally single. Happy to have that whole thing wrapped up and to still be friends. I wish him only happiness and a life that is meaningful.

I'm recovering nicely from the car accident. Thanks to a lot of bodywork. I sold my Death Ride ticket, though, because I am not strong enough for that this year. Maybe next year? Who knows. I haven't done more than 40 miles in a long time.

I'm all settled into my apartment on Lake Merritt. I really like it here! It's so nice to see the changing light on the lake, the Canadian Geese babies, and the spaciousness of having a lake nearby.

Been working a steady freelance gig for two months now. It's good money. Very steadily busy, long hours, and back to working in an office five days a week (that took some getting used to!). Looks like it will continue for at least a month.

Aside from life being very busy and filled with work things are pretty mellow. Haven't been this happy in a long while. I wish I could spend more time with Luna Dog, but she stays with me on the weekends.

Heading out this weekend for my first camping trip of the year. Going up the coast north of Jenner. Looking forward to a mellow time, good hikes, yummy camp food, and practicing yoga outdoors.



Sharkbait said...

Hehe. I just made the connection. Small world. How did you find my blog, btw?

Hope you don't mind if I read away. I see we already have a lot in common - selling houses, moving to O-town, car mishaps, events planned. It's funny!

Mind if I blogroll you?

Jen said...

sure! read away. not like i haven't done that to your blog, eh? there are definitely some parallel paths.

blogroll: go for it.