December 30, 2006

the waves of 2006

last year I called the year end recap "cheesy". mmmm.....cheese. i'll eat those words, cause apparently i am doing it again. it's a fun thing to look back on a year later, thus, I bring you the thumbs-up and the boos of 2006.

The Crap:

Had to put Milo down. Hands down, this was the saddest, shittiest thing of 2006. I miss him still.

The Car Accident on April 5, 2006 and the resulting loss of my cycling year. Learned how much Allstate sucks, too.

Worked a hell of a lot and didn't have much downtime during the good weather.

Basically shut down the dog biz due to being so busy in advertising.

Didn't make it to Yosemite even once.

No backpacking trips.

Parking in my 'hood.

The Good:

Sold the house right before the market skidded and did well on the sale.

Purging and simplifying during the move. It's nice to have less stuff!

A couple good car camping trips.

Having a solid friendship with my ex-spouse.

Luna staying in good health and getting to see the joy of her having two homes.

The freedom of renting versus owning. Owning isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Being in a really healthy, wonderful relationship with someone I adore.

Hippo the Cat, a fun addition to the fam.

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