February 1, 2005

Another week, another hike

Larkspur Hike
Originally uploaded by jenworth.

This week's photo and hike brought to you courtesy of the "Hiking in Marin" book. Found this nice 4 mile hike in Baltimore Canyon. Lots of redwoods, a small water fall, and a great view at the top. A sweet hike.

Update on life:

Ugh. The dogs. Milo seemed all better, back to his feisty self and over 100 pounds again. Unfortunately, tests show the pseudomonus bacteria still residing in his kidneys. Back on antibiotics.

Luna's not well, either. She's been incontinent here and there, low energy and not herself. Urine tests show something slightly suspicious, so she's off for blood tests tomorrow.

My lucrative soul-selling-ad-gig has dried up, and so has the resulting money. This detail leaves me an extra bit stressed about the dogs illnesses because not only are my Little Guys not well, the money to pay for all the tests, meds, etc. is just not there right now.

It'll work out. Somehow. I'm not ruling out a life of crime....

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