January 25, 2005

Winter in Yosemite

Skate Yosemite
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I'm back from Yosemite. Early.

I'd never experienced winter in Yosemite. Let me tell you, it's whole different scene in the winter.

It's a given that there's snow everywhere. The roads are icy, sandy and pot-holed. It's not easy to get around. But what's odd, is that no one wants to. Everyone is kind of hunkered down, hibernating, if you will.

My plans to go boarding at Badger fell through, twice. Word had it that Badger was pretty icy, but also inertia kept folks from actually getting up in the morning and getting their asses moving. Myself included.

Over in the Curry side of things, the sun doesn't visit the valley floor. It's gray. Dark. I wasn't really aware of it until two days later when I could stand it no longer.

I had to flee. My body was stiff from not moving. I heard a storm was moving in, and I knew I didn't want to get stuck in the Valley.
So I split early. I just couldn't hang with how disconnected I felt from everything.

It was great to see folks. Ice skating in the open air rink was a real treat. I forgot how much fun ice skating is. It was nice to see Yosemite in a different season. I'll look forward to the spring when warmer, longer days bring movement again to the Valley.

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