August 4, 2007

Body Mod

I am sportin' two new body mods. One fairly temporary, one fairly permanent.

I spent my birthday on an airplane, making it kind of anti-birthday to someone like me. Birthdays are a big day in my book. August 1st commenced the start of staffdom. Bothing things were taken into consideration when I....pierced my lip! I've wanted to do it for years. After the swelling goes down and healing is progressing, I'll swap out this post for a snug little hoop that will sit prettily on my lower lip, right corner. It didn't even hurt! I am learning to talk and eat with this thing. Wee bit tricky.

Also got hennaed today. Darcy from the Henna Lounge was over at Namaste Yoga in Rockridge, so I called to get adorned. My birthday present to myself! Darcy is so sweet, and so talented. It was fun! Before Nepal, Darcy will henna my knees for their luck, and also do a belly henna for preggo Justine.

I figured with a staff gig, they can't do anything about it. I had to look a little more pro as a freelancer, not now! Paul's out of town, and the body mod bug has been biting. Also bought two boxes of semi-perm hair dye, so I can still have more fun!

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