August 29, 2007


The three day needle-o-rama is over, thankfully. Sunday's needle-fun was finishing up the my chest piece tattoo. (It looked done to me, but Marcus found another hour's worth of perfection to ink into me. It looks even better now!) Monday was less needly fun, but necessary. I got Supartz shots in both knees in preparation for my upcoming trip. Arthritis sucks, and that's all I'll say about that. Yesterday was travel vaccine day: tetanus shot, polio booster, and Hep A vaccine. I nicely declined Rabies vaccines and Japanese Encephalitis (!?!). All set for India and Nepal now.

Speaking of needles, it occured to me that if Amy Winehouse hooked up with Pete Doherty we could watch a modern day Sid and Nancy implosion. You heard it here first. They're a match waiting to happen.

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Sharkbait said...

Ooh, can't wait to see the new work!

Yeah, Amy and Pete would be the new PJ Harvey and Nick Cave, right?

Amy cancelled all her upcoming tour dates...They tried to make me go back to rehab...