October 3, 2008

two months later: ten more things

1. it's been forever since i blogged. after being bugged by co-workers, i got on facebook. that takes enough online life.

2. i completed the six months yoga immersion.

3. my knees are sooooooo much better, but still need more fixin'.

4. last weekend i did the same hike in redwood as i did the morning before surgery. i am back!

5. i've got a pretty steady gym habit going.

6. work has been unreal. insane. consuming. not good.

7. i leave monday for australia. for work. for less than a week.

8. if the cards land right, i'm going to india for work, too.

9. i need unrelated-to-the-knee surgery. chick problems. dammit.

10. i went to the folsom street fair for the first time. it was too crowded to see much.

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