December 21, 2004


Whoa. The next evening after writing this, yesterday's thought seems so heavy. All true, but the words dragged like heavy weights. Yesterday was a miserable shade of blue, a funk-and-a-half. There's a reason my mood was so extreme, I think. I've noticed this the past two Mondays. No, I don't hate Mondays any more than the average person. It's what I do to myself on Sundays. Even though I've been getting in some good hikes, I've been overindulging, in spades, in my three favorite vices: Coffee, Sugar and KGB. Probably not hydrating in any way that compensates for the vices. I feel great on Sunday, come Monday, I feel like ass. Sluggish. Foggy. Cranky. Moody as hell. (Doesn't help that at Chiat on Mondays there's always lots of junk food.)


My present to myself is to give up coffee and sugar starting in Christmas day. Yeah, like four days from now. (I say this as I'm sitting here munching cinnamon-sugar covered almonds!) I'm determined.


It may not be forever. It may be just until The Evil Duo and I can co-exist in a more moderate way. Until the cravings stop. Until their grips are loosened. Until both can be considered a treat, rather than a staple.

(Just to complicate things, I'm considering going back to being vegan, too.)

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