December 27, 2004

Three Days

Sunday Hike
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Yup, It's been three days without coffee. And kinda without sugar (had maple syrup, and a Clif Bar). Been a little fuzzybrained in the morning, and miss the coffee ritual. But really, it's the sugar thing. NO CHOCOLATE!
Why the hell am I doing this, again? It's not so bad when I'm not in a craving moment.

The photo above is from The Sunday Hike. Went to Sunol again. Smaller hike, but weather loomed. We saw pissed off cows, and for a second, thought they were gonna come after us.

Survived Christmas. Not a fan of the holiday, at all. Went to the in-laws for brunch. Not bad this year. Good waffles, bad carb coma.
Got in a nap AND a small hike in Wildcat Canyon.

I have four days off! Crazy! Plans include lots of extra time at the gym, hitting the slackline, and getting some stuff taken care of around the house. Nothing too exciting, which is exactly what I need.

By the time I go back to work, I should be a little less fuzzy and cranky without my vices.

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