January 1, 2005

A New Year

Happy 2005, y'all!

I went to be at 10pm last night, but heard the new year being hailed by gun shots and automatic weapons being fired in the distance. Gotta love this town, man. It's ghettoriffic at times. Woke up at an astonishingly late hour (for me) of 9am. I have a head cold, so that's my excuse. I'm being a total slug today, staying in my PJs and reading the new Yoga Journal. I miss coffee, and I've utterly blown it on the no-sugar thing.

I won't do the recap of 2004 that seems so prevalent. I am, however, the type to do resolutions for the upcoming year. Haven't done 'em yet. But I've been thinking all morning that I need something to train for, a goal, a physical challenge. Right now, I'm thinking of getting involved with Team in Training to train for a century ride this coming June. I don't even have a road bike. But I do spin my brains out on a regular basis, so cycling is sorta familiar to me. I'd like to get outside and ride, maybe if I get a road bike, this is the ticket. (I've been afraid of road bikes since I high sided in a cycling accident in NYC in 1988.)

It's been pissing rain for days. But it's snowin' in Tahoe, and this is good! Gonna go snowboarding in two weeks, and I'm really looking forward to going again.

I have nothing interesting to say, my head is full of snot. That is all.

Wishing you a healthy, safe, and happy time ahead.

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