September 2, 2007

An understanding.

In four weeks, I leave on my trip. The bombings that occured today are an all-too-real reminder that I'm leaving the "secure" and the familiar.

Michelle and I talked and agreed we didn't want to spend unncessary time in Kathmandu. We're probably safe on the Annapurna Circuit. Crowds, public transit, urban streets all may not be the safest places leading up to Nepal's upcoming elections on November 22nd.

Michelle has elected to go to India instead of Tibet after we do the Circuit. She needs to go to the Irish Embassy in Delhi to meet with them about having a photo show at the Embassy of her Himalaya photographs. She'll be going to Agra, and perhaps Varanasi. I'll get my Indian visa for the possibility of joining her, but will not be making any decisions, rather leaving open the possibility for staying in Nepal.

Given the political climate in Nepal, it could be safer to boogie down to India. India will be overwhelming, more intense than Nepal. We'll see.

I have been looking at September in a way that may seem morbid. I am making the effort to get together with people. I have this deep seated understanding that with this kind of travel the chance exists, however small, that I may not return. I could die. I don't want to, but I am at peace with the remote possibility. I say that undramatically. I am going to be smart, but I'm also a believer in living the life you want, and if you expire living fully, that sucks, but it sure beats living safely by the dim glow of your widescreen television.

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