February 18, 2008

a priveliged life

honestly, sometimes one needs little reminder of having a priveliged life.

friday, i had a unbelievable day at kirkwood. blue skies, warm, and possibly the best day of riding i've ever had. a couple guinness at lunch, brought from home. nice to be able to steal a day from work and give it to fun.

i have been accepted to the yoga immersion program at yoga kula. in april, i will begin deepening my studies and understandings of yoga, in the anusara style. i feel blessed for finding this program and being able to afford it.

a week from today, i leave for argentina for a photo shoot. it's not really been something i've been getting excited about, because it's for work. now i'm getting a bit excited, because it's still travel. even though it will be the polar opposite of my travels last year. traveling for work means the luxury of business class and the four seasons hotel in buenos aires. i will admit that i'm not entirely comfortable with the level of excess, but i am grateful for the chance to travel more. i am hoping to take a yoga class in spanish!

a week after getting back from argentina, i leave for a yoga retreat in tulum, mexico. it will be the perfect antidote to a long production, a busy few months of work.

all of that is extravagant when compared to simple things like hot showers and drinkable water. i've been having dreams of nepal again. each day, i look at the beautiful thangka painting from pokhara, and it serves as a daily reminder of the amazing trip.


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Laura said...

Very cool - about the snow, the yoga, AND Argentina.

One day, I'm going to go do a yoga retreat in Mexico. Hopefully before I'm permanently hunched over in cycling stance.