November 10, 2004

Crankypants Rant

Traffic on 80
Originally uploaded by jenworth.

Voila, above is the story of my life. I waste entirely too much of each day, of my life, sitting in traffic. The Bay Area simply has too many people; pretty soon I'm gonna give up my place to the next chump who wants to enjoy the views from their vehicle.

Seriously, I must spend an hour and a half of each day in traffic. Going to the gym can take nearly a half hour to go seven miles. Need to go to San Francisco? Better give yourself an hour, just in case. Sure, it's 16 miles door-to-door, but much hell can ensue in those sixteen miles of asphalt.

I love many things about the Bay Area. It's diverse, progressive, has great coffee, food, rad climbing gyms, and some of my favorite people. However, I've had enough. Enough sitting in traffic. Enough talking on the phone and listening to music in the car. Enough bother.

I was amazed that Highway 80 elsewhere isn't the snarled mess I have come to know through the Bay Area. It's gonna be that wide open stretch of 80 I take when I head on outta here and find myself a new place to call home, a place where "commute" isn't synonymous with "endlessly sitting in traffic".


Erika said...

Don't ever move to So Cal. Not like you would.

Jen said...

Not ever, no way, no how. I'd be like Michael Douglas in "Falling Down".