November 6, 2004

Purple Pisswater

Each dog gets walked twice a day. A mile each time. On a set route; the purpose of this seemingly boring routine is to know where the 'problems' might be, say, an aggressive dog that frequently gets loose, broken glass on the sidewalk, random shit that could spell trouble. Oh, and each dog gets walked individually. So for the walking human, that's about four miles a day and an hour of dog walking.

Why am I mentioning this?

Because last night I was walking Luna at dusk. It was the last walk of the day, and Milo had already been walked. I was spacing out and mulling stuff over in my head. I was thinking about how Milo's kidney infection has returned. It makes me sad, because I wish there was more I could do to help speed his recovery.

"I'd drink purple pisswater if I knew it would make Milo better".

Where the hell did THAT thought come from?!? No kidding, that popped into my head. I guess it's because I'm considering something that some would find equally wack.

I'm considering using an Animal Communicator and Healer to see what's up. Yeah, don't go calling the Funny Farm just yet.

My chiropractor, Margy, is an amazing person and healer. She's also an animal chiropractor. One day I'm on the table getting my shoulder put back into place, and she tells me how she's been working with an Animal Communicator. Being a dog trainer, an animal buff, and generally open-minded, I'm intrigued. Margy tells me more, about how this woman has communicated with a dog who had stomach staples which were causing pain; when The Communicator brough the dog to the vet, the vet said there was no way there were metal staples, that only sutures could have been used to close the surgical site. Upon opening the dog, sure enough, there were metal staples. Margy's not a wack job, and she was seriously impressed by this woman. I ponder how talking to a dog might help behavioral issues, and a client with Separation Anxiety comes to mind. Margy tells me more and I get The Communicator's number.

Yesterday before Luna's walk, I talked to the Animal Communicator. She's not some woo-woo-new-age-freak right off the bat, so we talk. We had a nice conversation, and she told me about some of her dogs and how they've lived extraordinarily long because she was able to talk with them and help them as health stuff came up. She also does medical chi gung on the animals, working to resolve imbalances. Okay, this sound a little much, but I'm still open minded. Some people don't believe Echinacea works. I do. Others believe that acupuncture is ineffective. I'm a big believer it works. Some believe you can communicate with animals. I'm not so sure.

Hey, I've thrown money away in more stupid ways than trying to get my dog well. I've done far, far stupider things. These dumb moves come readily to mind. I've already gone to an acupuncturist for my dog, Milo, and some might think that's just plain hogwash. So, really, is this so far out there? Possibly yes. But isn't it kind of exciting to know what one's dog might say? "Hey, lady, I want 300-thread-count sheets, not these cheap-o 200-count. It's tough work holding down this bed all day." Or, "Can you please take me backpacking?"

It's not like I have unlimited funds to cover all these pet medical bills. Money's super tight these days. But the idea that there could be information to be gleaned that could help his recovery is the lure. I'd do anything for my Little Guy. This just proves it. I'm seriously considering this. I'm not nuts, but I guess this would slot me as a truly fanatical dog mom. And at least it'd be better than drinking purple pisswater.

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