November 14, 2004

Happy Climber Jen

Gym Climb
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Climbing makes me happy. There's few activities that give me the happy buzz climbing provides. Climbing works the body in ways that only climbing can. Asymmetrically. Reach-y. And at times, like a Gorilla.

I've started climbing regularly again. Okay, so it's indoors on plastic. I'm not in the Valley anymore, and it's winter, so I'll take what I can get. Indoor bouldering is completely unlike bouldering outdoors, but it's still fun! Ropin' up is fun when you climb with people you can actually learn stuff from.

Climbing has perked me up in a way pot of coffee can't. Just need to be careful with the shoulder injury and not be dumb. That's what sidelined my climbing in Yosemite; bouldering without rest days.

I'll rest today and climb tomorrow.

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