November 2, 2004

I'm baaaaackkk........

Yeah, I suck. I'm back from the road trip. I didn't post as regularly as I would've hoped, mostly because the course left little free time. I managed to feed myself and study each evening after class. Sometimes I even pulled off a shower.
I didn't exercise. Depending on where we camped, the satellite dish wouldn't work.

Yet the class was an awesome experience. We had super instructors. I met some cool people from all over. It was intense in that full-immersion kind of way. I'm now a "woofer", a Wilderness First Responder. I packed an amazing amount of info into my head, and wasn't sure at times if I could pull it off. Yet I did. Both Dharma-J and I aced the finals.

Whew! Guess I haven't killed all those brain cells after all.

I'll post more about it all, but suffice it to say, I'm back early. The road trip after the class didn't happen. The Stud Mobile turned out to be less studly than expected. Who knew you can't pump veggie oil in sub-freezing temps? After the class finished, we headed to Jackson, WY to score oil. Score we did, except it was the consistency of a tar pit. Shall I mention we tried to pump in the middle of a snow storm and that the electrical outlet for the pump had a freakout and short-circuited? As that expression which I so despise goes: "Good times!"

I flew out of Salt Lake City on Sunday night. Before leaving for the airport, I told Jay I needed extra time there because I was certain I'd be picked for additional screening, since I look like a threat to society. Self fulfilling prophecy? Perhaps. I was selected not once, but TWICE, for "random" screenings. I had my bags, which had been carefully packed and crammed full as only a backpacker can do, unpacked and the contents sifted through by grouchy old men and perky blondes. Upon being satisfied that I was merely a freak and not a terrorist, one of the screener dudes made a half-assed attempt at re-packing my bag. I looked at him skeptically and he said, "Would you rather do this?" I told him since he unpacked the bag, he could re-pack it. When it was clear my stuff would never fit with this guy doing the push and shove, I did it myself.

Good times.

(Don't even get me going about the election BS. I'm going to bed and hope to hide for the next four years. New Zealand, anyone?)

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