November 7, 2004


I'm feeling really homesick for Yosemite.

Last night I went to Berkeley Ironworks, the local climbing gym. I got there early to boulder. I hadn't been climbing much at all, maybe three times since leaving the Valley. It felt really good to be climbing, even if it was just plastic. I was bouldering to kill time, the real reason I was there because there was going to be a slide show of climbing in the Valley by Chris Van Leuven. I knew Chris from my nightly 'patrols' through Boystown. He'd been working on the slideshow throughout the summer, and I'd seen bits and pieces here and there; I was looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Not only did Chris show his show, but Ammon showed his slideshow, too. It was from his summer in the Valley, but also had some cool stuff with his kid, Austin, in it, too. What a treat! Two totally different sets of images, of perspectives.

Seeing the rock, the falls, and familiar faces made me sigh with a reminder of how much I miss that place. It's got some grip on me. Not just the majestic park, but the simplicity of life there. The vitality of the people. I know I'm not done with Yosemite yet. I wonder what's in store next.

Note to self: get up there again, soon, dammit.

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