March 22, 2007

Day 2: Not Fun

Yesterday mid-day I developed a headache. Bad enough that I blew off yoga class, which is so unlike me. I felt ill at the smell of the lemonade. My sense of smell seemed heightened, and any strong smell left me queasy. The headache progressed.

While vacuuming, I started to feel nauseated. Acid reflux upchuck happened. I stopped vacuuming and took a prone position, feeling progressively more awful. Shortly after P came home, I began vomiting. I didn't have much to yak. It hurt to heave nothing. P was sweet and held my hair back. This happened on and off for a couple hours.

I managed to get to sleep. Staying asleep was another matter. I woke up at 2:30am. We took the dog out at 3am. (dammit, she still leaked!) Was awake from 2:30am to 6am. Headache dull, throbbing. Finally at 4:44am (the chinese believe the number 4 signifies death. for many years, I woke up exactly at 4:44 every morning.) I took some Ibuprofin. I had tried to be a trooper and withstand the headache, but it was going on almost 18 hours. I found some nice ways to appreciate being awake. Finally crashed out, only to be woken by Splat declaring his hunger. At least you get food, dude.

I feel better this morning. Weak. Hungryish. Headache gone. Stomach feels worked as it does after a pukefest. Was that a detox evening? Who knows.

I'll go for day 3, what the hell. I teach spin tonight. Wish me luck.

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Sharkbait said...

God God. It reads even worse the second time.

Hope spin class went well!