March 27, 2007

Day 7 was yesterday

I said I'd make it 7 days, and I did. It changes from moment to moment, but at this moment I'm going for the full 10. My only concern in cutting it short or modifying the fast with some protein consumption is my exercise. Thursday night I teach spin as normal, and Friday night I teach a two hour spin class. This would be the day I get orange juice.

Yesterday was fine. The rain killed our plans for a hike, so I went to spin instead. My spinfriends as all puzzled and question-y as to why I am doing this. I am thinking of food. Looking at pictures, and reading restaurant menus on the web. We looked at a vegan cookbook and chose Paul's first post-fast baking treat. I am eyeing the jar of pickles in the fridge, wanting to slice them up thin and savor their salty goodness.

Paul cleaned out the fridge so when we do start eating, it's clean and has plenty of space for the healthy goodness that will take up residency. I am hoping he will stay interested in eating vegan and/or healthy, for selfish reasons; I stand a better chance of cleaning up my diet if he's on the same page. When Ben + Jerry walk through the front door with him, it's usually all over for me.

I feel a little colder. A little more reclusive. A bit more inwardly focused. And definitely less congested. I haven't breathed this well through my right nostril in a long while. Dairy really isn't our friend, is it? Without meal prep, it leaves us time for a little more fun.

Plus, it's been nice to see the scale moving downward. Eight pounds as of this morning (day 8). Almost down to cycling weight, and just under the weight I was when I moved in with Paul. I have this delusional idea that I want to lose another 10 pounds or so before I leave for Nepal.

But I live with a guy who cooks and bakes. Right.

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